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Setting up your Limited Company...

In order that you can stay in control of your tax affairs we will form a Limited Company, with you as the main Director and a member of your family (or another suitable person) as Company Secretary.

The once-only fee includes all of the following:

Formation of a Limited Company.
Payment of Registration Duty.
Preparing and printing of Memorandum & Articles of Association.
Obtaining Certificate of Incorporation.
Providing extra copies of Memorandum & Articles of Association for HM Revenue & Customs and your bank.
Completing all statutory forms relating to appointment of Director and Secretary; changing accounting reference date.
Registering you on the new Construction Industry Scheme for 20% deductions or pross payment if applicable.

...and, in association with a long-established firm of Chartered Accountants:

Completion of HM Revenue & Customs Company Enquiry Form, application for a Company PAYE Scheme and authority for accountants to act and receive information from HM Revenue & Customs.
Provision of computer software or accounting forms for book-keeping and record-keeping (see Part 2).
Conducting initial discussions, at our premises, to advise you on your tax and National Insurance planning and allowable expenses which will be geared to your personal circumstances.

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